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“I had forgotten my KRA PIN Certificate and I urgently needed it for an important transaction. Searched on Google and found Cyber.co.ke Portal offering KRA PIN Retrieval service. I placed my order online and after a few minutes I was able to get my KRA PIN Certificate in my email address.” – Jumadari. (Service requested: KRA PIN Retrieval)


“There is nothing hard in this world like trying to do something that you do not know about. I tried applying for a new KRA PIN by myself. Got stuck many times. I nearly gave up. I came online why doing my search on the steps to take and I found a site called Cyber.co.ke offering KRA PIN Registration Services. I submitted my request and in less than 3 minutes, I got my new KRA PIN Certificate. This was so fascinating and amazing.” – Magdalene. (Service Requested: KRA PIN Registration)


“I remember trying to log into my iTax Account but I didn’t know my password. I tried resetting the password and a new password was sent to my email address. Unfortunately, I no longer had access to my email address and I was already using a new email address. I requested for change of email address and I was assisted. I was able to reset and receive my new password via email, filed my annual KRA Returns on time. Very satisfied with their services.” – Robert. (Service Requested: KRA PIN Change of Email Address)


“I was part of those many Kenyans that was still using the old KRA PIN Certificate that I got during the days of the KRA Mapato System 8 years ago. I went to open a new bank account and the bank told me I needed the new generation KRA PIN Certificate from iTax. They said that my PIN is not on iTax. I went online looking for ways of migrating my KRA PIN to iTax. Luckily I got Cyber.co.ke Portal. Submitted my request and within a few minutes, I got my KRA PIN Certificate updated on iTax and a copy of the same sent to my email. The service I got was top notch.” – Yvonne. (Service Requested: KRA PIN Update)


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