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Matthews Ohotto –  Founder at Portal Kenya Portal was founded on 6th February 2018 and the full portal was launched officially and went live online on 16th February 2018 to the general Kenyan public by Matthews Ohotto (KRA Tax Expert and Blogger from Mombasa, Kenya) with an aim of ensuring that all Kenyans from all the 47 counties are able to get Online KRA Services with convenience and ease at their finger tips.

Matthews Ohotto is a holder of Second Class Honours Upper Division Degree in Business Information Technology (Bachelor of Business Information Technology – BBIT) from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

He is the Founder of Portal in Kenya. He is also a Blogger and Editor at Portal Blog. He posses vast knowledge in two key aspects of Information Technology (IT), that is the link between Information Technology and the Business Environment. He has vast Tax Experience and Tax Knowledge in relation to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) iTax Services such as: Individual ServicesNon Individual ServicesBusiness Services and Returns Services. Here at Portal, we pride ourselves on being the experts that our customers in Kenya can count and rely on for whatever KRA needs and issues they might have. 

Educational Background

Primary Level

Matthews Ohotto undertook his Primary School Education at Citadel Junior School (a Private primary school located in Mombasa County). He did his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in the year 2005. 

Secondary Education

Having completed his primary school education in the year 2005, Matthews Ohotto was admitted for his secondary school education at Allidina Visram High School (a public secondary school located in Mombasa County) in the year 2006. He did his Kenya Certicate of Secondary Education (KCSE) the year 2009.

University Education

Upon completion of his secondary school education in 2009, Matthews Ohotto enrolled at Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Mombasa Campus to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology (BBIT) in the year 2010 under the Self Sponsored Programme (May 2010 Intake).

Even though he completed his University studies in November 2013, he graduated from JKUAT in June 2016. Matthews Ohotto is a holder of Second Class Honours Upper Division Degree in Business Information Technology (BBIT) from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).  He is also an alumni of the same university. 

Work Background

Matthews Ohotto has never been formally employed but rather undertook his Educational Attachment as a course requirement and his Internship Opportunity as a graduate level requirement in Kenya.

Attachment Opportunity

As part of University Course work requirement, Matthews Ohotto undertook his University Attachment Opportunity at Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Headquarters in Kipevu, Mombasa County. He was posted at the Authority’s Information Technology Department (IT Department) where he was attached as an IT Technical Support Officer serving in Computer Networking, Computer Support, Database Administration, Information Security and Server Management where he gained vast IT knowledge and experience that plays a vital role in his life upto today. Basically Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) sharpened and modelled his skills in the field of Information Technology. 

Internship Opportunity

Having Graduated from JKUAT Class of 2016 in June of the same year, he got an internship opportunity to sharpen his skills and knowledge in the field of Information Technology at Compulynx Limited Mombasa Branch. During his Internship here, he did his Internship as a Software Engineer and Business Systems Applications Developer (Intern). This was a 3 months Internship programme that equipped him with the knowledge needed to establish successful customer centered systems and portals. Basically, at Compulynx Limited, Matthews Ohotto saw the opportunity to advance his skills in the fields of Computer Business Systems, Online Systems Development and Applications Systems Development by being a Freelancer in Kenya. 

KRA Services Experience And Knowledge

Fast forward February 2018, Matthews Ohotto founded Portal, an online portal that solely helps Kenyans on a daly basis on matters pertaining to KRA iTax Services. His knowledge on KRA Tax matters stems from the experience he got doing manual KRA jobs for his brother from August 2016 to January 2018 at cyber cafes in Mombasa County. Be it Registration of PIN Numbers to complex actions such as filing monthly VAT returns and Company Returns and also preparing Financial Statement. Anything related to KRA, Matthews Ohotto can do that 1,000 better than everyone. 

His life mantra has always been: “If I Know It Best, I Deliver It Better.” From this knowledge, Matthews Ohotto saw the need to come up with an online portal whereby he can offer those services to Kenyans in various counties and at the same time share his knowledge, tips and resources through Portal Blog where he is the Editor. Portal and Portal Blog have grown over the years to become the most trusted online brand by Kenyans who require assistance with KRA related matters, requests and issues. 

Parting Shot Portal is going to become the largest online cyber in Kenya. This is what the website is destined to become some day. End of story. I don’t get to quit.”

Matthews Ohotto (Founder, Portal)

Date: 16/02/2018