How to Reactivate Suspended KRA PIN

Has your KRA PIN been suspended? Here are the guidelines on PIN Reactivation. Follow these simple steps on how to reactivate suspended KRA pin.

How to Reactivate Suspended KRA PIN

STEP 1: Check KRA PIN Status

Use PIN Checker on the KRA Website to check status of your KRA PIN (Valid/Suspended). The following is the link. >>KRA PIN Checker<<


STEP 2: To get the reason for KRA PIN deactivation

There are three options that you can follow to get the reason for KRA PIN deactivation. This is as outlined below:

  1. Visit the nearest KRA station or service centre
  2. Call the contact centre +254 020 4999 999; +254 711 099 999
  3. Download and print the pin reactivation request form and email the completed form to [email protected] . The reason for deactivation will be communicated through the email address provided. 

STEP 3: Address the issues

The taxpayer address all the non-compliance tax issues identified and communicated in the email appropriately or as advised at the station.