KRA P9 FORM 2018

Download and print the KRA P9 Form Download online today at for filing your KRA Returns. Submit the KRA P9 Form to us for KRA Returns filing.

What is a P9 form?

A P9 is a form issued to employees by employers containing total emoluments received in a year and may include the following depending on the structuring by the employer: basic salary, allowances and benefits, gross salary, pension contribution, PAYE charged and personal relief entitlement.

Why do you need a P9 form?

A P9 form facilitates filing of individual returns. Once can also check and confirm the PAYE remitted by the employer to KRA through his/her ledger on the iTax portal. Once a person files a return, the iTax ledger is debited. 

The amounts remitted by the employer on a monthly basis are credited in the employee’s ledger. The credits will either balance, lead to a refund of tax or a shortfall. 

The P9 form is a summary of the deductions made by the employer on behalf of the employee. Kindly note that your employer is obligated to provide you with a P9 form. But you can file so long as you know the gross pay, the personal relief for year 2020 (Kshs. 25,824.00), PAYE deducted and pension contribution if available.

If you can’t get the P9 form, you need to know the Gross Income, PAYE deducted, Personal Relief for 2020 (Kshs. 25,824.00 for the whole year) and pension contribution if available.

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KRA P9 Form 2018

KRA P9 Form Download

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