How To Download GHRIS Payslip

Get to know How To Download GHRIS Payslip online today in Kenya. Download and print your GHRIS Payslip by following these steps today.

Before we go into the nitty gritty of the steps involved in downloading GHRIS Payslip on the GHRIS Portal / GHRIS System. We need to lay out the basics of GHRIS as a Government system in Kenya.

The Government of Kenya embarked on development of this Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS) Portal whose aim is to address all its Human Resource (HR) needs. GHRIS System is designed in-house by Government Information Communication Technology Officers in collaboration with Human Resource Officers.

GHRIS System is expected to interface with other existing and future systems like IFMIS, G-Pay, IRMIS and IPPD. Users of GHRIS are Government MDAs, Employees, and the Public who will benefit from a centralized readily accessible, efficient and transparent system.

Now that we have covered the above and have an in depth understanding of what GHRIS is and what is means, we can now dive into the steps on How To Download GHRIS Payslip in Kenya. GHRIS users operate from various locations within and outside the country (MDA Headquarters and Counties).

GHRIS can be accessed by Government of Kenya employees by use of Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Web, Mobile and any other future technologies. This means, most of the HR Functions will be available to all public servants using this Portal. Staff will have an opportunity to update their information periodically and to access Human Resource updates.

What is GHRIS?

ghris logo

GHRIS (Government Human Resource Information System) is an online portal that enables all government employees in Kenya to access various services online such as Monthly Payslips and Yearly P9 Forms.

How To Download GHRIS Payslip

Before you download your GHRIS Payslip on GHRIS Portal, you need to have with you two important items with you. This includes: GHRIS User ID (Personal Number) and GHRIS Password. 

Step 1: Visit GHRIS Portal using this link –

The first step involves visiting the GHRIS Portal using the URL provided in the description above. Once you have successfully accessed the GHRIS website, you should be able to see the GHRIS Portal as illustrated below:

ghris portal

You need to take note that the GHRIS Website sometimes does not load fully because of SSL Certificate issue. Most browsers such as Google Chrome will display a warning when you are trying to access GHRIS. You will get this error “Your connection is not private.” It simply means the SSL Certificate for GHRIS has expired. Now the Government was supposed to renew it. 

GHRIS website error when using Google Chrome browser

ghris chrome error


To bypass this error message, just click on the “Advance” tab at the left hand site on your browser if you are using Google Chrome. This will bring a drop down text and at the lower left hand side click on the link “Proceed to (unsafe).”

chrome error ghris



GHRIS website error when using Mozilla Firefox browser

You will get the same error when you try to access GHRIS website using the Mozilla Firefox browser. This is as shown below. 

ghris mozilla error


To bypass this error in Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the “Advanced” tab at the bottom right hand side of the browser. On the drop down that will appear, click on “Accept the Risk and Continue.”

accept ghris settings

Now that you have known how to bypass these errors on both Chrome and Firefox browser, we can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Enter GHRIS User ID and GHRIS Password

In this step, you will be required to enter your GHRIS User ID aldo known as Personal Number and your GHRIS Password. This is as shown below.

enter ghris user id and ghris password

Once you have entered your GHRIS User ID and GHRIS Password, click on the “Login” button to log into the GHRIS System. 

Step 3: MSPS Online Services Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged into your GHRIS account, you will be able to see your GHRIS MSPS Online Services dashboard. This is as shown below: 

msps online services

Step 4: Click on My Records then click on My Payslip from dropdown menu list

On the MSPS Online services dashboard, click on the “My Records” menu item and then followed by “My Payslip” from the dropdown menu list. 

click on my payslip

Step 5: Click on Current Payslips

In this step, you will click on the Current Payslip left pane list. Since we are downloading our current month GHRIS Payslip, we shall click on the “Current Payslips” tab. If you would like to download your previous months GHRIS Payslips, just click on the year that you want the GHRIS payslip for e.g 2016,2017,2018 and 2019.

current ghris payslip

Step 6: View GHRIS Payslip

Once you have successfully clicked on the “Current Payslips” menu, it will take you to a new online payslip dashboard. Here, the year and month of the GHRIS Payslip is pre-selected so you just have to click on the “View Payslip” button on the right hand side as shown below. 

view online ghris payslip

Step 7: Print GHRIS Payslip

In this last step, after loading the GHRIS Payslip successfully, you will be able to print out the GHRIS Payslip. 

ghris payslip

The above are the basic steps that are involved in downloading GHRIS Payslip from the GHRIS website. Next time you need to get your Monthly GHRIS Payslip, just follow the above steps on How To Download GHRIS Payslip. 


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