about cyber.co.ke portal

Cyber.co.ke Portal is an online portal that enables Kenyans to order and pay online for KRA iTax Services such as KRA Individual Services (KRA PIN RegistrationKRA PIN RetrievalKRA PIN Update and KRA PIN Change of Email Address), KRA Non Individual Services (Company KRA PIN Registration and Self Help Group KRA PIN Registration), KRA Business Services (Business Income AmendmentTurnover Tax RegistrationPresumptive Tax Payment Registration and KRA Turnover Tax Returns Filing) and KRA Returns Services (KRA Nil Returns Filing and KRA Employment Returns Filing) quickly and easily. So, when you need quick KRA Services in Kenya, this is the place to be. 

At Cyber.co.ke Portal, we process all your KRA iTax Services orders quickly as soon as the order has been made online. We are here to assist and help you as your preferred online cyber cafe partner in Kenya. At Cyber.co.ke Portal, we strive to ensure that we assist all our customers in Kenya get their KRA iTax Services done online with ease and convenience. Cyber.co.ke Portal is focused on making it easy, convenient and affordable in getting the various KRA services online today throughout the 47 counties in Kenya. So, when it comes to convenience, we are the leaders in Kenya through our robust online infrastructure in Kenya today. 

Kenya is our home and we are passionate about driving her growth and fulfilling the aspirations of our customers in Kenya and play a central role in changing their lives through quick and efficient online KRA iTax Services. As part of our purpose (Get KRA Services Online Today), we are focused on placing our customers at the heart of everything we do and being aware that they are uniquely different with specific needs and aspirations.

Our customers are increasingly on digital platforms and we are making this possible through our digitization agenda that has revolutionized the KRA iTax Services that we offer throughout the country. We continue to invest in mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and demonstrate that we are the best partner for them when it comes to KRA iTax services. In everything we do, we are enabling our customers to get their KRA iTax Services done quickly and affordably.

We must learn and change quickly and always strive to be better than the others. We are bringing technology, data and analytics together and combining that with service excellence in a new way that will empower our customers and ensure we continuously deliver an exceptional and personalized experience and services. We are the leading pioneer in the IT online cyber business sphere in Kenya. We are driven and motivated by customer satisfaction and customer centricity which plays an integral role in our business growth and sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to touch the horizon where our capabilities may successfully meet with the requirements of our customers in Kenya, that too with ultimate transparency and cost-effectiveness in the KRA iTax Services that we do for them online on a day to day basis.

Our Vision

To sow the seeds of excellence in KRA iTax Services provision with customer centric approach and reap the trust of all our Kenyan customers on a day to day basis.

Our Mantra

If we know it best, we deliver it better than all the others. We are and will remain the best in this business yesterday, today and forever. Try us today and enter a new realm of the best KRA iTax Services in Kenya.

The Largest Online Cyber In Kenya

Cyber.co.ke Portal aims to become the largest, popular and most trusted online cyber portal in Kenya offering unmatched KRA iTax Services to Kenyans on a day to day basis by the year 2022 through its ever growing customer base in Kenya. We are serving customers from all the 47 counties in Kenya on a day to day basis. Customer satisfaction is our greatest joy. So, when you think of cyber cafes in Kenya, think only about Cyber.co.ke Portal – The Leading Number One Online Cyber Portal in Kenya.

Cyber.co.ke Portal – Get KRA Services Online Today