KRA iTax Mobile App

Learn the process of How To Download KRA iTax Mobile App online today at Portal. Get to know how to download iTax App. 

In this article, I am going to share with you the step by step guide on the process involved in downloading the KRA iTax Mobile App on Google Playstore.

The KRA iTax Mobile App is an Android application designed to run on the Android platform (Android powered smartphones) to enable ease of access to tax services leveraging on the fast growing mobile industry in Kenya.

Uses of KRA iTax Mobile App

It is important to note that the KRA iTax Mobile App in its first phase will enable you facilitate any of the following tax transactions: 
  • You can the KRA App in Filing of NIL returns for all tax obligations: VAT, Pay as You Earn (PAYE), Income Tax Company (IT2C), Income Tax Partnership (IT2P), Income Tax Individual (IT1), Monthly Rental Income (MRI) return, Turnover Tax and Excise return. 
  • You can use the KRA App in Payment registration for Monthly Rental Income (MRI) return. The generated payment registration number (PRN) may be used to facilitate tax payments in any of the agent commercial banks in Kenya or via mobile service providers (M-Pesa and Airtel).
  • You can use the PIN Checker functionality on KRA App to confirm the validity of KRA PIN details as held by KRA and whether the status is active, suspended or cancelled.
  • You can use the KRA App to apply for KRA Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC). A reference number is issued for tracking purposes and further communication made via email. 
Now that we have highlighted the key uses of the iTax Mobile App, we can now dive into the step by step procedure on how how to download KRA iTax Mobile App.
Please note that this blog post will only be focusing on How to Download and install the KRA iTax App. I shall be writing future posts on how to use the iTax Mobile App later on in due course. 

How To Download KRA iTax Mobile App

Step 1: Get Your Android Smartphone

android powered smartphone
[ The KRA iTax Mobile App is currently available on Android devices /  Portal ]

It is important to note that the KRA App is currently only available on Android powered devices (smartphones). There is no Windows version or iOS version of the iTax Mobile App currently as of 2nd August 2019. If there will be any developments on the other platforms, then I will definitely keep you updated on this blog post.

Step 2: Click on Playstore App on Your Smartphone 

click on google playstore app
[ Click on the Playstore App on your Smartphone / Portal ]
Depending on the type of Android smartphone that you are using, click on the Playstore App (Google Playstore). 

Step 3: Search for “iTax App” on the Playstore search bar

search for kra itax app on playstore
[ Search for iTax App on Playstore / Portal ]
On the Playstore search results click on “iTax” by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The official iTax App size is 4.0MB. That is just a drop in the ocean if you are using bundles to download it.  

Step 4: Click on Install KRA iTax Mobile App

download and install kra itax app on smartphone
[ Click on INSTALL button / Portal ]
The last step in this process will be clicking on the “INSTALL” button to download and install the KRA iTax App on your Android smartphone.  Once you have downloaded the iTax App, you can click on the “OPEN” button to launch the App on your smartphone. 

open the kra itax app
[ Click on OPEN button to launch iTax App / Portal ]
Once installed you can now go ahead and start using the iTax App by simply keying in your KRA PIN number and iTax Password.  This is shown below.

kra itax app
[ iTax App Login Screen / Portal ]
To sum everything up, the main focus of this article was to show the steps involved in downloading and installing the KRA iTax App on your Android smartphone. I will be sharing with you in the future coming articles on how to use the iTax App in details. So stay up to date with the latest KRA Blog Posts here at Portal


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