KRA PIN Registration Requirements

Are you looking to get a new KRA PIN? Check out this guide for KRA PIN Registration Requirements that you need to know.

KRA PIN is one those documents that each Kenyan above 18 years old needs to have. Forget the nay sayers out there, you do need a KRA PIN Certificate if you live and work in Kenya. So, if you are a serious person who knows what you want to do and accomplish in life, you should always ensure that you have a KRA Number

Why Do You Need a KRA PIN?

I am going to outline the basic reasons on the importance of a KRA PIN Number and why it is a must to have one in Kenya.  The following are the major places where KRA PIN Number and KRA PIN Certificate come in handy as a compulsory requirement.

Bank Accounts

It is common knowledge that the first thing that you bring to a bank when you want to open a new bank account or update your bank account is a KRA PIN Certificate. Normally all banks in Kenya require you to bring a copy of your KRA PIN Certificate before proceeding to open a bank account. This is a compulsory requirement.


You definitely need a KRA PIN Number if you want to create a new TIMS account. This is the account whereby you will get your new digital DL, transfer and accept motor vehicle ownership, book NTSA online appointments and much more.

Job Application

Looking for a job in Kenya? Then attach a copy of your KRA PIN Certificate as part of your CV, Certificate and Testimonials. Most companies and organization in Kenya need you to attach your KRA PIN Certificate copy together with your Tax Compliance Certificate before landing you that job. 

Basically, a person above the age of 18 years old in Kenya is entitled to have this crucial document called the KRA PIN Certificate. I doubt if there is any transaction that you can do in Kenya without having a KRA PIN Certificate as part of the requirement.

Where can I get a KRA PIN Number and KRA PIN Certificate?

At Portal, we offer KRA PIN Registration services to all our customers in Kenya. You can get your KRA PIN Number and KRA PIN Certificate by filling our KRA PIN Registration Form and we shall process your KRA Registration order quickly and send it to your email address.

KRA PIN Registration Requirements

KRA PIN Registration Requirements

In this article I will be sharing with you the KRA PIN Registration Requirements for 2019 and beyond. Let’s start by checking out the KRA PIN Registration Requirements.

First and Last Name

In the KRA PIN Registration form at Portal, you will be required to fill in both your first and last name.

ID Number / Alien ID Number

The other requirement that you need to have before placing your order on our site for KRA PIN Registration services is your ID number or alien ID number (for foreigners).

Date of Birth

The next thing required is your date of birth as written on your national ID or alien ID. Don’t write the date of birth that is not on your ID.

Mobile Number

This is the mobile number that will be paying for your KRA PIN Registration order at Portal. Currently we only use Safaricom Lipa na M-Pesa till which means the online payments are made via a Safaricom line.

Email Address

You need a valid and working email address. Don’t write a wrong email as we only send the KRA PIN Certificate copy via email addresses. Also the email address will be used for KRA OTP Verification. So it needs to be a valid email address either Gmail, Yahoo, Ymail, Hotmail, iCloud or Outlook.


You need the enter the county that you currently live in not your rural / home county. For example, if you are living in Nairobi, then on the KRA PIN Registration form you should enter Nairobi as your County.

City / Town

This is the town that you are currently living in. As from the above example of Nairobi County, then you should type Nairobi as your City / Town in the KRA PIN Registration form.


This is the district that you are currently in. It will form part of your KRA Tax Station. If in Nairobi County, Nairobi City and living in Kasarani, then this is your District.

Postal Address

Not that common in this modern digital age, but we recommend that you write yours if you have one. If you don’t have a postal address you can write 00 on the registration form.

Postal Code

Postal code and postal address go hand in hand, so if you don’t have a postal address that automatically means you don’t have a postal code, so you should write 00 on the registration form.


You finish filling the registration form by writing the town that you are in. In our example it is Nairobi.

Now that you have read and understood all the requirements that are needed for KRA PIN Registration, the next step will be placing your order online for KRA PIN Registration at Portal by filling the below form and submitting it to us for processing of your KRA PIN Registration order.


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