How To Confirm KRA PIN Using KRA PIN Checker on iTax

Get to know How To Confirm KRA PIN Using KRA PIN Checker on iTax Portal. Learn the process of confirming KRA PIN using PIN Checker on iTax. 

In this article I am going to share with you the steps involved in verifying KRA PINs online using the KRA PIN Checker functionality on iTax. 

The KRA PIN Checker functionality on iTax allows you to confirm whether or not a KRA PIN is genuine or not. The information provided by the KRA PIN Checker is limited to only the basic information about the taxpayer. 

The basic information that will be displayed on the PIN Checker Results includes the following: 

  • Taxpayer Details

  • Address Details

  • Obligation Details 

Before we continue, you need to ensure that you have with you the KRA PIN Number, if you dont have a KRA PIN, you can place order online for KRA PIN Registration here at Portal. If in any case you don’t know or have forgotten your KRA PIN, your can also place order online here at Portal for KRA PIN Retrieval. 

Now that you have the KRA PIN with you, we can begin the process of confirming the number using the PIN Checker on iTax. 

How To Confirm KRA PIN Using KRA PIN Checker on iTax

Step 1: Visit KRA iTax Portal using

The first step in this process involves visiting the KRA iTax Portal using the link provided in the above description. 

visit kra itax portal

Step 2: Click on the PIN Checker section

Next, you will click on the PIN Checker section on the iTax Portal homepage. This is as shown in the screenshot below. 

click on pin checker section on itax portal

Step 3: Enter KRA PIN Number and Security Stamp (solve arithmetic question)

In this step, you will enter your KRA PIN Number and also solve the arithmetic question (security stamp). Once you have done that, click on the “Consult” button. 

enter kra pin and security stamp

Step 4: KRA PIN Details Results

This is the last and final step whereby the taxpayer PIN details will be displayed confirming that the KRA PIN is genuine and at the same time active. This is illustrated in the screenshot below. 

kra pin checker results

If the KRA PIN is genuine, then the PIN details will contain: Taxpayer Details, Address Details and Obligation Details. Not that this not a PIN Certificate since it just displays the taxpayer PIN details. You can get your KRA PIN Certificate using our KRA PIN Retrieval services here at Portal

On the PIN Details results by the KRA PIN Checker you will need to note the following:

Taxpayer Details Section

In the taxpayer details on the KRA PIN Checker results, you will see: PIN (the KRA PIN number), Taxpayer Name, PIN Status (Active), iTax Status (Registered).

Address Details Section

In this section, you will see the following: Residential Address (block, building, street/road, city/town, district, descriptive address, tax area/locality and county. In the Postal Address part: ( and postal code). 

Obligation Details Section

This is the last section of the PIN Details results from the KRA PIN Checker. Here, you will see: obligation name, current status, effective from date and effective to date). 

And those are the steps involved in verifying if a KRA PIN is genuine or not using the iTax functionality on iTax Portal. 

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