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In this article, I am going to share with you the 12 Requirements That You Need For KRA PIN Registration. Know the KRA PIN Registration Requirements in Kenya. 

It important before you register for KRA PIN or order KRA PIN Registration services online at Portal, you need to know the KRA PIN Registration requirements that you need to have with you before being issued with a new KRA PIN online. 

In this article, I am going to share with you 12 key KRA PIN Registration requirements that each Kenyan needs. Before we dive further into this article, we need to understand what is meant by KRA PIN Registration. This will enable us fully understand what PIN Registration entails in broad details.

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What is KRA PIN Registration?

kra pin registration

So, what do we mean by the term KRA PIN Registration. Basically, we need to first need to comprehend what is meant by the term “Registration” in the first scenario. Merriam Webster  Dictionary defines the term Registration as the “act of registering” or “an entry into a register.”

From the above, we can define KRA PIN Registration as “the process/act of registering for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is issued by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).” KRA PIN Registration as a process entails capturing and entering new Taxpayer details into the KRA Taxpayers Database. The process of registration involves data capture by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) user details so as to generate a new PIN Number

Now that we have laid the foundation by defining what KRA PIN Registration is, we can dive into the 12 Requirements That You Need For KRA PIN Registration at Portal. We are going to talk about the KRA PIN Registration Requirements inline with Portal

For those newbies out there whom have not heard about us, Portal is an online portal that focuses on offering unmatched top notch KRA iTax Services to customers in Kenya on a day to day basis. At Portal, we specialize in offering KRA PIN Registration Services, KRA PIN Retrieval Services, KRA PIN Update Services and KRA PIN Change of Email Address Services

12 Requirements That You Need For KRA PIN Registration

kra pin registration requirements

Now that we know what Portal, lets start analyzing each of the 12 KRA PIN Registration Requirements here at Portal. The PIN Registration Requirements form the basis of KRA PIN Registration Service offered by Portal to customers in Kenya. 

1. First Name

Each person has a first name. This is the name that appears first on your Kenyan National ID. On the KRA PIN Registration Form at Portal, you need to input your first name in the capture box of that form. The screenshot below gives you a preview of what first name is. 

2. Last Name

Just as from the first requirement above, the next requirement is the last name. This is the last name as appearing on your National ID. In case you have 3 or four names, you simply write the first and last name. This is as illustrated in the screenshot below: 

3. ID Number or Alien ID Number

The third requirement for KRA PIN Registration is the ID Number for Kenyans or Alien ID Number for Non-Kenyans. Please note that if you don’t have either of the two, we can’t proceed with the Registration process. So, the KRA PIN Registration Form at Portal does not allow Passport Numbers. 

4. Date of Birth

This requirement requires you write the Date of Birth as in your National ID or Alien ID. In case your ID only has the year of birth, you can write the year of birth on the form. Date of Birth entails writing the date, month and year. 

5. Mobile Number

Here, you will need to write your mobile number. This is the number paying for the online KRA PIN Registration Service at Portal. If you are paying for someone’s else order, write the mobile number that is paying on that form. 

6. Email Address

Email Address is the most important requirement for KRA PIN Registration. This is because, your KRA PIN Certificate and KRA iTax Password will be sent to your Email Address. You can use either Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. 

7. County

Under this reuirement, you are supposed to write the County that you live in. Please note that the County is where you live in and not your home / rural county. For example: Mombasa County.

8. City / Town

Under City /Town, you write the town that you live in. This is the town that is in the County. In our case, if we are in Mombasa County, then the town we are in is Mombasa Town. 

9. District

Under district, you write the district that you are in. Don’t confuse the district and town. In our example, we are in Mombasa District. 

10. Postal Address

Though not commonly used nowadays since email almost does the same thing 1,000 times faster, you write the Postal Address on the form. If you don’t have the postal address, you can write 00000.

11. Postal Code

Each postal address is accompanied by a postal code i.e the code of the postal office that the postal address is located in. If you don’t have any postal code, you can write 00000. 

12. Town

The last requirement for KRA PIN Registration is the Town. Here, you simply write the town that you currently live in. You can refer to this under reuirement number 8.

The above are the 12 key KRA PIN Registration requirements that you need to ensure you have with you before starting the process of KRA PIN Registration on Portal. 

Importance of KRA PIN Registration Requirements

importance of kra pin registration

The above 12 KRA PIN Registration Requirements form the backbone of the KRA PIN Registration Process here at Portal. The above 12 PIN Registration Requirements are important because of the following two reasons:

  • Enable Easy Sorting of Online Orders at Portal

  • Enable Fast Processing of Online Orders at Portal

The KRA Registration Form requires input of the above 12 fields by the new user who requires KRA PIN Registration Services here at Portal

We have made the process of KRA Registration very simple with a very friendly form that you can fill in less than one minute and have your new KRA PIN sent to your email address immediately your order has been done and processed by our online support team. 

And those are the basic 12 Requirements That You Need For KRA PIN Registration. So, next time you are looking for the KRA Registration Requirements in Kenya, just follow the above 12 and submit your order online today. 

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