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Get to know How To Reprint KRA PIN Certificate On KRA iTax Portal. Learn the steps and process of Reprinting KRA PIN on KRA iTax Portal today. 

Reprinting of KRA PIN Certificate is very important in cases or situations whereby you need a copy of your KRA PIN Certificate from iTax Account. Learning How To Reprint KRA PIN Certificate on KRA iTax Portal will come in handy. 

In this article, I am going to share with you the step by step guide on the process of Reprinting KRA PIN Certificate from your KRA iTax Account. Before we proceed any further, we need to lay down the foundation by defining two important terms which will be address in this article.

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These two terms are KRA PIN Certificate and KRA iTax Portal. Let’s briefly look at what each one of them entails and means in simple explanation. Logging into KRA Portal or iTax is a process that requires you to have both your KRA PIN Number Number and iTax Password.

To be able to access and view all the resources on iTax, you need to be logged into your iTax Account. The problem is that not that many Kenyans know the process that they need to follow. The good thing is that incase you have forgotten your KRA PIN Number or even iTax Password (KRA Password), here at Portal we can gladly assist you with that.

Incase you have forgotten your KRA PIN, then you can request for KRA PIN Retrieval and have both your KRA PIN Number and KRA PIN Certificate sent to you.Incase you have forgotten your iTax Password, you can request for KRA PIN Change of Email Address so that you can be able to change your KRA Password. 

What is KRA PIN Certificate?

what is kra pin certificate

KRA PIN Certificate is a document containing the Personal Identification Number of a Taxpayer in Kenya as issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to any person above the age of 18 years and who holds either a Kenyan National ID or a Foreigners Alien ID.  The KRA PIN Certificate serves as the final certification that the Taxpayer has been registered with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). 

The KRA PIN Certificate comprises of the Taxpayer Information (Taxpayer Name and Email Address), Registered Address (L.R Number, Building, Street/Road, City/Town, County, District, Tax Area, Station, P.O.Box and Postal Code) and Tax Obligation Registration (Income Tax Resident Individual).

Now that we know what we mean by KRA PIN Certificate, we need to also understand what is KRA iTax Portal. This is in relation to KRA PIN Certificate Reprinting process and steps on KRA iTax Portal. 

What is KRA iTax Portal?

KRA iTax Portal is an online web portal by Kenya Revenue Revenue Authority that allow Taxpayers to access various iTax Online eServices such as New PIN Registration, Manufacturer Authorization, PIN Checker, TCC Checker, WHT Checker, Status Checker, Agent Checker, Control Unit Checker and Invoice Number Checker. 

For the purposes of this article, our main focus is on how to reprint the KRA PIN Certificate using KRA iTax Portal. We need to know how we can use KRA iTax Portal to Reprint KRA PIN Certificate online. Having already defined the two above, Reprint is simply the process of making another printout of a document and in our case, this is the process of making another printout of the KRA PIN on KRA iTax. 

What is Needed to Reprint KRA PIN Certificate on KRA iTax Portal?

To Reprint a KRA PIN Certificate on iTax Portal, what do we need? Before we begin, there are two items that you need to have at hand before starting the process of Reprinting KRA PIN Certificate on KRA iTax. This is as outlined below:

  • KRA PIN Number

  • KRA iTax Password

As illustrated above, you will need your KRA PIN Number and also your iTax Password to enable you login to your iTax account. If you have forgotten your KRA PIN Number, you can request for KRA PIN Retrieval Services at Portal. If you dont know or have forgotten your KRA iTax Password, you can check out our article on How To Reset KRA iTax Password

If you have both your KRA PIN Number and KRA iTax Password, then we can begin the steps involved in Reprinting KRA PIN Certificate on your KRA iTax Account. 

How To Reprint KRA PIN Certificate On KRA iTax Portal

Step 1: Access KRA iTax using

The first step involves accessing the KRA Web Portal using the link provided in the above description. The illustration below shows the KRA iTax homepage. 

access kra itax portal

Step 2: Enter your KRA PIN Number 

Next, you will be required to enter your KRA PIN Number in the “Enter PIN/User ID” box. If you don’t know or have forgotten your KRA PIN, you can request for KRA PIN Retrieval here at Portal

enter kra pin number

Once you have entered your KRA PIN Number, click on the “Continue” button to proceed to the next step. 

Step 3: Enter your KRA iTax Password and Solve the Arithmetic Question (Security Stamp)

In this step, you will be required to enter your KRA iTax Password and solve the arithmetic question (security stamp). Once you have done this, click on the “Login” button to log into your KRA iTax Web Portal Account. 

enter kra itax password and solve arithmetic question

Step 4: Click on Reprint PIN Certificate under the Registration Tab

Once you have logged into your KRA iTax account, on the main menu, click on the Registration tab and from the drop down menu selection, click on Reprint PIN Certificate. 

click on registration tab then reprint pin certificate

Step 5: Select Applicant Type

In this step, you will need to select the applicant type and click on the “Submit” button. Note that after selecting the Applicant type, it will load the Taxpayer PIN and the Taxpayer Name. 

select applicant type

Step 6: Download KRA PIN Certificate

In this last step, you will get a message that your PIN Certificate has been successfully generated and you will need to download it. 

download pin certificate from kra itax portal

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You need to ensure that you have the latest Adobe Reader (PDF Reader) for you to be able to open, print and save the generated KRA PIN Certificate. The above are steps involved in Reprinting KRA PIN Certificate from KRA iTax Portal. 


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