KRA PIN Registration

Get to know How To Apply For KRA PIN Registration Using Cyber Portal. Portal is the leading portal for KRA PIN Registration in Kenya.

Cyber Portal (operating as Portal) is an online KRA iTax Services website that allows both Kenyans and Foreigners apply for KRA PIN Registration online quickly and easily without the need to visit KRA Offices or Huduma Centres. After getting your KRA PIN at Portal, all you need to do is log into your email address and print the KRA PIN Certificate hardcopy. 

You can apply using Portal and get your KRA PIN Registration order done within 5 minutes and sent to your email address and even WhatsApp number. Now that’s convenience and ease from Cyber Portal.

At Cyber Portal, we pride ourselves in offering the unmatched KRA PIN Registration to individuals who are in need of this important document from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). So, if you are in need of quick KRA PIN Registration service in Kenya and across the world, then Portal is the site you should be at.

What is KRA PIN Registration

KRA PIN Registration is the process of registering for a KRA PIN number online at Portal. You can only apply for KRA PIN Registration if its your first time using your National ID Number (for Kenyans) or using your Alien ID Number (for foreigners). 

Requirements For KRA PIN Registration at Portal

You will need to have the following with you before applying for KRA PIN Registration here at Cyber Portal:

  • First and Last Name

  • National ID Number / Alien ID Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Mobile Number (preferably Safaricom Line with M-Pesa)

  • Valid Email Address

  • County / City / Town / District

  • Postal Address and Postal Code

  • Service Charge Fee of Kshs. 200

Once you have the above KRA PIN Registration requirements with you, you can now begin the process of applying for KRA PIN Registration using Portal.

How To Apply For KRA PIN Registration Using Cyber Portal

Step 1: Visit or and Search for “Cyber Portal”

The first step involves visiting or (you can also use other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing) and searching for Cyber Portal.

search for cyber portal in google


Step 2: Click on KRA PIN Registration tab on the Menu bar on Portal

Next, once you are at Portal, on the main menu bar, click on “KRA PIN REGISTRATION” tab. This is as shown below:

click on kra pin registration

Step 3: Fill the KRA PIN Registration Form at Portal

Next, you will need to fill the KRA PIN Registration form using your details. You can refer to the requirements for KRA PIN Registration at Cyber Portal above.

fill the kra pin registration form

You will fill the above labeled fields on the KRA PIN Registration form. The outline below will guide you on what you need to fill.

A: Enter your first name

B: Enter your second name

C: Enter your ID number or alien ID number

D: Enter your date of birth

E: Enter mobile number

F: Enter email address

G: Enter the county that you live in

H: Enter the city/town that you live in

I: Enter the district that you live in

J: Enter your postal address i.e. if you don’t have enter 00

K: Enter your postal code i.e. if you don’t have enter 00

K: Enter your town

You can fill and submit the online KRA PIN Registration form here at Portal.

Fill and Submit the KRA PIN Registration Online Form

[ufbl form_id=”1″]

Step 4: Submit the KRA PIN Registration form at Portal

Next, submit the KRA PIN Registration form for online processing at Portal. Click on the “SUBMIT & PAY FOR YOUR ORDER” button.

click and submit kra pin registration form


Step 5: Pay for KRA PIN Registration services at Portal using Lipa na M-Pesa Till Number 745508

cyber portal kenya lipa na mpesa till number 745508

In this step, you are going to make payment for the KRA PIN Registration Service at Portal using Cyber Portal Lipa na M-Pesa Till Number 745508.  Below are the steps that you need to follow when making payment for KRA PIN Registration Services at Portal.

A: Access Your M-Pesa SIM Toolkit

access mpesa sim toolkit

B: Click On Safaricom

click on safaricom

C: Click on M-Pesa

click on mpesa

D: Click on Lipa na M-Pesa

click on lipa na mpesa

E: Select Buy Goods and Services

select buy goods and services

F: Enter Portal M-Pesa Till Number : 745508

enter till number 745508

G: Enter Amount (Kshs. 200)

enter amount

H: Enter M-Pesa PIN

I: Confirm M-Pesa Payment to Cyber Portal Kenya

pay cyber portal kenya

J: M-Pesa Confirmation

mpesa confirmation

Step 6: Wait for Processing of KRA PIN Registration online order

Once you have made payment successfully to Cyber Portal Kenya, you await our KRA PIN Registration team to work on your online order and send the KRA PIN Certificate to your email address. The KRA PIN Registration orders are done within 3 minutes and you get your KRA PIN Certificate quickly and easily. You will also recieve your iTax Password to enable you log into the iTax Portal.

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