How To Create HELB Account

Get to know How To Create HELB Account online today at Portal. Follow the full process of HELB Registration quickly and easily.

The HELB account enable you apply for HELB Loans that you can use for your Tertiary education in Kenya i.e both College and University levels. At the same time, you can also use your HELB account to apply for HELB Clearance Certificate that is one of those mandatory documents that is needed when applying for a job in Kenya.

Understanding the process and steps that are involved in HELB account activation and HELB account registration is very crucial. In this article, we are going to share with you the step by step guide on How To Create HELB Account online.

How To Create HELB Account

Step 1: Visit HELB Portal at

The first step is visiting the HELB portal using the link provided above.

visit helb portal

Step 2: Click on User Registration tab then Applicant Registration

In this step, you are supposed to click on the User Registration tab and then Applicant Registration tab from the drop down menu.

click on registration then applicant registration

Step 3: New HELB Account Creation

In this step, you are supposed to enter your ID number and first name as per your national ID. Once you have written the two required details (ID number and First Name) on your HELB Account creation page, click the validate button. 

enter your id number and fisrt name on helb account

Step 4: Fill in the HELB Account Creation Form

In this step, you are required to fill in the HELB Account Creation Form. If your national ID number is found in the HELB system, it will pre-populate your full names and the ID number as shown below. In this case, you are supposed to fill your mobile number (cell phone number), valid email address and a password. This is as shown below.

fill in helb account creation form

Once you have filled in the above required details, click on the signup button to proceed to the next step.

helb account success 

Step 5: Check Your Email for HELB Account Activation Link

You need to check your registered email address for the HELB Account Activation Link that has been sent. This is as shown below.

helb account activation link

Step 6: New HELB Account Login 

Once you click on the HELB account activation link, it will take you to the login page where you will be required to enter your HELB email address and your HELB Password.

visit helb portal

Step 7: HELB Phone Verification (HELB Portal Verification Code)

In this step, you will be required to enter the code sent to your mobile number. The mobile number that you used during the registration process at step number 4. 

helb portal verification code

Once you have entered your HELB Portal Verification Code, click on the Proceed button. If successful, the HELB Verification Code will be accepted. You will taken to your new HELB Account dashboard as shown below.

helb account dashboard

And that is the whole process of creating a new HELB account in Kenya. Feel free to share this article online with family and friends. 

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